Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Brown, Chris U.C. Bearcat Buddies Coordinator 363-3671 email staff
Child, Kelly Attendance Support Specialist 363-3600
Hartmann, Lindsey Nurse 363-3621 email staff
Johnson, Yvette Food Service 363-3698 email staff
Murrell, Brandy Senior Support Specialist 363-3600 email staff
Smith, Terry Security 363-3699 email staff
Stevenson, Dave Custodian 363-3615 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Davis, Nikida ESL Specialist All email staff
Day, Mark Paraprofessional 3rd Grade 363-3623 email staff
Donald, Marchelle School Social Worker All 363-3600
Dowell, Joy Paraprofessional Preschool
Ferguson, Terri All Multiple Disability 4-6 363-3641 email staff
Fischer, Jennifer All Kindergarten 363-3638 email staff
Fisher, Jonathan Intervention Specialist Multiple Disability K-3 363-3661 email staff
Hammonds, Avery Music All 363-3600
Hawkins, Sharon Intervention Specialist 3rd-4th Grade 363-3635 email staff
Hufford, Ewa Reading Specialist 3rd/4th Grade 363-3619 email staff
James, Tiffany Paraprofessional 363-3600
Johnson, Erica St. Joseph Case Manager
Johnson, Nora Intermediate Reading All 363-3600
Kniedle, Julie Paraprofessional Kindergarten 363-3600
Macke, Lauren Art All 363-3600
Masango-Dibo, Buma All Preschool 363-3600
Messer , Steve Lunchroom Manager
Nietupski, Olivia Science 5th and 6th Grade 363-3600
Powers, Carolyn All 2nd Grade 363-3640 email staff
Price, Shamaya ELA Kindergarten 363-3600
Richie, Taylor Occupational Therapist All email staff
Roberts, Carrie All Preschool 363-3600
Rockel, Jenn Speech/Language Pathologist All 363-3670 email staff
Saeed, Swra Paraprofessional Preschool
Scholl, Allison Math/Science 3rd Grade 363-3600
Shadee Barkley, Lisa All Preschool 363-3600
Shadee-Barkley, Lisa All Preschool 363-3600
Shaw, Terrence Building Engineer
Smith, Delores ELA 1st Grade 363-3600
Smith, Antonio Math/Science/Social Studies 4th Grade 363-3600
Stover, Lisa Physical Therapist All email staff
Stutson, Dora Paraprofessional Multiple Disability 4-6 363-3641 email staff
Taylor, Diera Gym All 363-3600
Thompson, Angela Paraprofessional Multiple Disability K-3 363-3661 email staff
Warmack, Julie Math 5th and 6th Grade 363-3662 email staff
Wilson, Paige Social Studies/ELA 4th Grade 363-3663 email staff
Wilson, Elaine` ELA 5th and 6th Grade 363-3600
Wright, Elaysha ELA 3rd Grade 363-3600
Wright, Michelle Math/Science 1st Grade 363-3627 email staff