Principal Pia P. Headen

Love is a Game Changer!

Principal Pia P. Headen

What a spectacular year we had at Ethel M. Taylor Academy! It has been a great pleasure to lead such an amazing group of delightful students, faculty and staff. The memories and experiences from this year will surely remain etched in my heart and in my mind. We started the year with Ally Kramer, Channel 9 news and a host of community partners giving LOVE in our tunnel of LOVE on the first day of school. We then quickly joined in fad of #BOWTIETUESDAYS. Our Girls with Pearls program kicked off with success with our partner from Most Valuable Kids (MVK) and we enjoyed our FIRST Family Fun Night with The Arts. Our Fridays were filled with FUN dress-up days like Breast Cancer Friday, REP your College Friday or even FOOTBALL Friday! Our 6th-grade leaders visited Aiken New Tech High, while many other students were captivated by the various performances offered by Aronoff Center for the Arts. How great was it to visit the newly renovated Music Hall to see the Black Violin, take a 6th-grade trip to COSI Center for Science and Industry, and celebrate our year with active field days for all?

Ethel M. Taylor Academy is full of fun and excitement and the New Tech Projects this year ROCKED! Our fourth grade experienced chemical and physical changes alongside math skills through research with a culminating activity of cake making, coupled with a bake sale that will benefit a local homeless shelter, while our 2nd-grade students are partnering with WIN and the Mill Creek Alliance to investigate the Mill Creek (across from the school) by educating others about the effects humans have on it answering the question "How can we have a positive impact on the environment around us?" Our first grade students will be working on a neighborhood beautification project, with KCB to discover ways to beautify the grounds of Ethel M. Taylor Academy.

Love is definitely a GAME CHANGER at Taylor and I hope that everyone continues to embrace the movement. We are "Taylor Strong!" as we look forward to many more years of increasing greatness.

Pia P. Headen