Health Services

A student's health is integral to a child's success in school. Healthy students have better attendance, are more attentive, and perform better than a child who is struggling with health issues. That is why the Cincinnati Public School District works hard to keep students healthy and in school.

Ethel Taylor has a school-based Health Center operated by Cincinnati Health Department. That means students and families can receive medical care right inside the school without having to travel to a doctor. School-based Health Centers provide a comprehensive range of clinical services that specifically meet the serious health needs of young people in the community. In addition to the school nurse, there is an Americorps Office Manager and Nurse Practitioner in twice a week. Students and their families may use these services for acute health care visits.

The services provided include:

  • Routine physical exams, including sports and work physicals
  • Asthma and other chronic diagnosis and management
  • Acute illness and injury treatment
  • Immunizations
  • Routine lab tests
  • Prescription medications
  • Health education, counseling and wellness promotion
  • Fitness and nutrition education
  • Referrals for healthcare services not provided at the clinic

To make an appointment, please call the office and they will direct your call. The Nurse Practitioner is here Thursday and Friday.

Contact: Annette Blust, FNP, (513) 363-3649

The school nurse's duties involve:

  • Identifying student health problems that may affect school performance
  • Working with families to ensure that student health problems get resolved and helping them remove barriers to health care such as lack of insurance, transportation issues and lost work time
  • Developing health plans for students with chronic illnesses

Many nursing tasks focus on prevention. Nurses give or arrange vision, dental and hearing screenings as well as immunizations to keep students healthy. Another important component to the school nurse program is health education in the classroom on such topics as "Cover Your Cough" and "Handwashing."

Contact: Lindsey Hartmann, School Nurse, (513) 363-3621

School Psychologist

Psychologists play key roles in identifying learning problems and developing appropriate solutions. During a crisis, they provide valuable counseling and support to children in need.

Contact: Sarah LeConey, School Psychologist, (513) 363-3613

St. Joseph's Orphanage

St. Joseph’s provides children and their families with therapeutic treatment and education designed to help them overcome social, behavioral and learning challenges.When children experience emotional distress, it significantly affects their everyday lives. Relationships are strained, school work suffers, and behavioral difficulties seem harder to manage. Mental Health services reach out to children with a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties. From intensive day treatment programs to outpatient counseling, children of all ages are offered an array of therapeutic options designed to help them reach and maintain a healthy state of mind.


  • Nya Cruse, Therapist, (513) 363-3664
  • Erica Johnson, Case Manager, (513) 363-3616